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Happy birthday today to Don Liponi! ...

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“There's less than 200 copies left of Don's excellent book, “La Rumorosa”, so you better get your copy today!”

—Walt Whitman

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From "Vestiges"

Monthly Newsletter of URARA, the Utah Rock Art Research Association

June 2018; Vol 38; Number 06

Book Review, La Rumarosa Rock Art
Richard Jenkinson

La Rumorosa Rock Art Along the Border: Survey of Kumeyaay and Related Artwork in Southern California, Colorado River Corridor, Western Arizona and Baja California

Photography by Don Liponi and Daren Sefcik
Contributions by: Aha Makav Cultural Society, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe; Cheeyow and He-Emah, Tipai Native Americans, Campo Kumeyaay Nation; Lynn H. Gamble; Ken Hedges; Michael Wilken-Robertson; Polly Schaafsma; M. Steven Shackley with Steven Lucas-Pfingst, Kwaaymii-Kumeyaay Native American; Ben H. Swadley; and the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians

Desert Trails Publishing
306 pages

A helluva lot of color photos
The book focuses on rock art and Native American culture along the California-Mexico border. This area has received little previous attention in rock art literature. The rock art is not as spectacular as what we often see in Utah or in other parts of California, but what is special here is the comprehensive treatment of the material. We get the perspectives of history, archaeology, ethnology, and interviews and essays by Native Americans of the region. There is commentary by rock art experts, including perceptive essays by Ken Hedges and Polly Schaafsma. The book is lavishly illustrated with color photography. There are six galleries of photos of rock art that run fifteen to twenty pages each. Most of the rock art photos are DStretched because the artwork is often badly faded. The format and comprehensive approach to the material provide a template that can be used to examine the rock art of other areas. Very highly recommended!

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