Talk on La Rumorosa Rock Art from the Imperial Valley Desert Museum Online

When – March 20th at 6 pm Pacific Time (PT) for 1 hour on Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Meeting ID: 946 4338 6543

Author Don Liponi, Ph.D, along with Imperial Valley Desert Museum Director, David Breeckner, Ph.D. will be presenting a new overview of La Rumorosa rock art incorporating material from these two books and material from an upcoming third publication [2021-2022]. The talk is part of the Kumeyaay Archaeology Internship Program at IVDM which has been funded by these publications, the Kumeyaay Nation and outside Foundations working together. The presentation remains a highly imagery based explanation of the most extensive rock art tradition of southern California, northern Baja California and southwest Arizona. It was created by the Kumeyaay and their direct ancestors who have lived here for at least 10,000 years. Much of the painting is thought to be produced by shaman who were their holy men and women. The portrayals are the artist’s visions relating what they encountered in the spiritual world. From what they learned they returned to the physical world to help their communities. This system was highly effective as they have lived here in harmony with their environment for at least 20 times as long as it took Western civilization to destroy it. They have much to teach us, so come and be introduced to their world.

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